Make Mornings Easier with These Quick School Lunch Ideas

October 08, 2020

Make Mornings Easier with These Quick School Lunch Ideas

Mornings on school days are always… a bit different, to say the least.

Rushing to get everyone out the door on time is stressful enough as it is, even with a good night’s of sleep behind you. ;-)

If your household has one (or a few) tiny humans, school lunch is probably a common topic come morning time.

And since we at Fullair are committed to helping you find ways to make your mornings feel a bit nicer, we figured this is something that may come in handy now that everyone’s back to school.

If you’re always running out of ideas – or the kids get a wee bit grumpy lunch is always the same - we have something for you.

(and yes, we’re aware you don’t have the time to chop up star-shaped apples every morning)

Here’s a list of quick and easy lunch ideas that you can quickly whip together that will please even the most reluctant eaters!

Sandwiches 101

Okay, let’s be real now: sandwiches are staples when it comes to easy school lunches but kids aren’t always excited about them.

The good news is that there’s a way to make your ordinary (khm, boring) sandwich a bit more special.

For instance, transform an ordinary sandwich into a little special lunch treat. Fill it up with a creamy salad. On top of it, you can always replace the bread with a bagel, a tortilla, or even a waffle to spice things up a bit!

Pro tip: Make a veggie spread upfront and use it throughout the week to add some much-needed fibers to every sandwich! Add some beetroot for a pop of red. (and fun, obviously)

Banana bread

Banana bread for lunch? Well, why not!

Pair it with some Greek yoghurt to balance the meal with protein, include some diced vegetables, add some nuts – and voila!

We’ve done some research and Kiwis agree: this is the ultimate Banana Bread recipe to follow for mouthwatering results.

Best part? You can do a batch and freeze it, and then grab a piece from your freezer whenever needed!

Pasta salads

Pasta salads take another headache off your day too: your own lunch too!
Make a large batch and divide into containers for a lunch that’s easy and filling, for children and adults alike.

There are tons of options here. All you need is a type of pasta as the foundation, a source of protein, vegetables of your choice, and some nice creamy sauce to tie it all together.

Find plenty of inspiration with 30 Summer Pasta Salad Ideas and 17 Super Easy Spring Salads.

The Tortilla Wrap (or is it a sandwich?!)


When it comes to lunch prepping, tortillas are your best friend.

Quickly warm them up and fill them with everything – and anything – you can find in the freezer. Start with the base (hummus or cream cheese or any other spread), add some veggies, a bit of shredded cheese… and that’s it!

Add – or take! – fillings based on your family’s preferences.

An uncommon but delicious alternative? Apple Cheddar Quesadillas – they’re a bit unconventional but worth trying.

Buffet-style lunchbox

On some days, you just won’t have the time (or the energy) to cook. And that’s okay!

Whip together a lunch by filling up the lunchbox with:

  • Crackers (or pretzels, or even oven-baked crisps)
  • Plain yoghurt
  • Sliced cucumbers
  • A few baby carrots
  • A handful of grapes (precut for younger kids!) or fresh raspberries
  • Another dip of your choice (hummus or avocado dip)
  • A surprise snack – their favourite candy or something they look forward to

And that’s pretty much it! A delicious and satiating lunch that’s going to keep your children happy until the end of the school day. The surprise snack makes it super special too!

Pro tip: Still stuck for inspiration? Here are some amazing ideas with store-bought food items that make up for a quick and healthy lunch!

That’s it for today – we hope this gives you enough ideas for at least a week or two.

What’s the one thing your kids would always eat without complaining?

Leave us a comment and let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

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