The ONE Thing That May Wake You Up Faster Than Coffee

August 26, 2020

The ONE Thing That May Wake You Up Faster Than Coffee

Does coffee feel like the elixir of life in the morning?

Before you stumble into the kitchen looking for – more! – coffee, try this: a cold shower!

The idea of cold showers may seem treacherous, to say the least. (leaving a warm bed to jump into a cold shower?!)

However, cold showers come with a number of benefits, some of which may help you get the most out of your mornings without the coffee.


So far, we know cold showers:

  • Give you a rush of adrenaline, which in return, makes the body more alert. Some people have reported they’ve completely skipped the caffeine in the morning once they’ve started taking cold showers!
  • Can help your immune system become stronger over time (goodbye, random colds!)
  • Help you train your willpower – because hey, you’ve just managed to push yourself out of the comfort zone and through an uncomfortable experience!



And here’s the best part:

To reap all the benefits of a cold shower, you don’t necessarily have to jump in a cold shower right away.

For the first few days, start with warmer water and gently make the switch over to the cold side.

By day 3, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t tried this earlier.


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