What makes the Fullair Baby Mattress special?

Choosing a baby mattress shouldn't feel like rocket science. Here's what makes Fullair special.

Feature Fullair Mattress A traditional baby mattress An organic baby mattress
What are the materials used? Non-toxic, completely natural materials that don't cause irritations Standard foam, latex, innerspring and other outdated materials! Wool and cotton, which may not always be a great choice
Is it breathable? Yes No Not always
Washable? Yes, inside and out! No No

What does it do in terms of support?

Offers a firm surface for optimal development, no matter the length of use Firm in the beginning, may deteriotate after a few month's use Depends, but not every organic mattress

How safe it is?

High safety Low safety Low to moderate safety (some organic mattresses may not even have certified flameproofing)
Does it help with dust mites, allergies, and eczema? Yes No No

Is it safe for the environment?

Yes! The materials used are non-toxic and following the EU food safety standards Depends on the manufacturer but most often, no! Traditional mattresses end up cluttering landfills around the globe! Yes

How durable is it?

As long properly cared for, it should last for 8 years, allowing another child to use it! A standard baby mattress may deteriorate fast and is not recommend to be reused for another child Depends on the manufacturer and materials used

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