A better sleep.
A lighter footprint.
A mattress designed in New Zealand that’s both good for your health and for the environment.

Sometimes, it’s really hard to get a good night’s sleep.

Your chest feels too tight - and you just can’t stop coughing, no matter how many times you get up to use your inhaler.

You get too hot, and the itching starts, and then it burns - yet again, your eczema got triggered.

And should we even mention how wheezing is the ultimate sleep killer?

We understand what it feels like to wake up in the morning and be tired before the day has even begun. It shouldn’t be that hard to sleep, should it?

That’s when we knew – there had to be a better way.

What did we do? 

Designing a mattress that’s good for your back is a no-brainer.

Designing a mattress that’s good for your back and your health - with the environment in mind! - is both science and art.

With a little bit of Kiwi ingenuity and a lot of determination, we got our hands busy. We played with a few mattress materials for a while, until we realized that what we were looking to find is right under our nose – literally.

The secret to the Fullair mattress hides in the name: Full Air!

90% of the Fullair™ mattress is full of air, making it ideal for everyone who’s wide awake at 2 AM due to asthma attacks, coughing spells, burning skin and every other rather unpleasant symptom of asthma, allergies, and skin eczema. While we can’t offer a magic cure, we can offer you the chance to get better sleep!

Each Fullair™ mattress is lightweight but firm, fully breathable and washable, all the while offering you that sweet, sweet spot of not too hard, not too soft - just right.

Both for you, and for planet Earth.

We do everything with the environment in mind 

Each year, 300,000 mattresses in New Zealand make their way to the nearest landfill. Sure, that’s a shocking number – but you can’t quite picture the real damage, can you?

Neither could we until we were told this:

If we were to stack all these mattresses one on top of the other, there would be so many mattresses, we’d overflow the Earth and reach the edge of space!

Improve your health, one night at a time. 

We don’t ask you to compromise on your health to give back to the planet.

We do the compromise for you.

We take pride in our cutting-edge technology that gets you to sleep like a baby – while you take pride in leaving behind a smaller footprint.

Our one-of-a-kind thermoplastic mattress material is cleverly designed to give you everything you can ask out of a hypoallergenic mattress - without forgetting about comfort.

Since dust mites, mold, and bacteria are the number-one reason for symptoms flare-up, the Fullair™ mattress does a wonderful job at minimizing your symptoms and maximizing the quality of your sleep.

Wheezing-free nights with the world’s first washable mattress! 

The average mattress may have up to 10 million dust mites after being used only for a few years. Imagine how bad it gets if you never wash your mattress!

By creating a completely washable mattress, we help you declare war on dust mites and mold. The 3D structure of the Fullair™ airfiber means the mattress does not absorb water – simply wash it regularly, and then put it in a well-ventilated spot to have it dry quickly. That’s it!

The Fullair™ material is gentle on the skin 

The material of the Fullair™ mattress is specifically chosen with sensitive skin in mind - the Fullair™ airfiber is a revolutionary stuffing material that leaves no room for dust mites, germs or mold, all of which may be responsible for skin irritations.

The food class polymer material (EU-standard compliant) that is later shaped into the 3D structure, is fully breathable and helps keep dust mites, bacteria, and mold away. At the same time, the top material of the mattress is gentle on the skin and does not cause any additional flare-ups.

No more night sweats 

Too hot with the blanket on, too cold without? The breathable material allows for air to freely pass through and makes sure you stay cool throughout the night – even with the blanket on. Fewer night sweats, fewer chances for mold to develop.

Don’t give up on comfort! 

We don’t ask you to give up on comfort to improve your health. With our innovative technology, you get a hypoallergenic mattress that allows for pressure relief at all the right spots - no matter your favorite sleeping position.

Sleep through the night – every night 

The Fullair™ airfiber does a wonderful job of keeping you sound asleep – all night, every night. Its unique structure is quick to respond to any changes in body position, supporting your weight effectively and keeping your spine straight.

The mattress of your life 

All of the Fullair™ technology layers are working together to give you a mattress that’s resilient and won’t let you down – even after years have passed. The Fullair™ mattress complies with EU safety standards, meaning it won’t produce toxic gases when burning.

Are we the right fit for you?
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9) Is there any smell? Will it age?
10) Can it be added to my original mattress?
11) Will it feel cold in winter?
12) Is it safe for infants and young children?
13) Can I use it with an electric blanket?
14) What’s the durability of the mattress?
15) What about delivery?
16) Woah, this sounds too good to be true - can the Fullair mattress really help me with all of that?
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