Fullair Hybrid Mattress

A Healthier, Eco-Friendly Alternative

We’ve made it our mission to produce a solution that isn’t just comfortable but helps our customers create healthier sleeping environments in their homes and is eco-friendly too.

The result is our Fullair mattress with a memory foam base. Each Fullair Mattress is 90% air, lightweight, breathable, and firm, yet comfortable.

Fullair mattress’s unique composition is based on an innovative 3D structure. Each mattress we produce is constructed from a cutting-edge thermoplastic material that is both highly resilient to pressure, yet offers exceptional cushioning for your bodyweight.

Single (92cm x 188cm x 21cm)
King single (107cm x 203cm x 21cm)
Double (135cm x 188cm x 21cm)
Queen (153cm x 203cm x 21cm)
Super King (183cm x 203cm x 21cm)


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Reasons to Choose a Fullair Mattress

Your next mattress purchase should be an informed decision. Here’s why you should buy a Fullair Mattress:

Our No-risk 100-Day Trial Money-Back Guarantee

All Fullair Mattresses come with a 100-day trial when you place your order. We believe that you’ll be surprised at how comfortable and rewarding healthy sleep can be, but we also understand that it may all sound too good to be true.

Try out our mattress for 100 days. If you’re not happy, return the mattress and we’ll gladly provide a full refund. If you are happy, you can continue to enjoy better sleep and a lighter footprint.

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