The Fullair story

Designed in New Zealand, with innovative technology and a focus on sustainable practices, we make eco-friendly mattresses, and we won’t compromise on comfort.

As a proud NZ company, we love this beautiful country and are passionate about looking after it for generations to come.

Fullair was born when we spotted a problem in the mattress industry. Over 300,000 mattresses were being dumped in New Zealand landfills every year. This rate of waste is unsustainable and is a threat to our beautiful Aotearoa.

We wanted to change this.

We’re committed to sustainability in everything we produce, from the mattress you’re sleeping on, to the box it arrives in.

Harnessing the power of innovative Fullair technology

While our mission is simple, our technology is anything but.

With a bit of Kiwi ingenuity, we got to work researching, developing and testing different types of mattress` material.

After years of R&D, we created the Fullair technology, a one-of-a-kind thermoplastic mattress material. Designed with an innovative 3D structure, this cutting-edge material is unlike anything else in the market, built to be highly resilient with exceptional cushioning. The secret to this clever material is in the name. Inspired by the beauty and simplicity of nature, each Fullairmattress contains 90% air, making it breathable and lightweight, while retaining its resilience and firmness.

Our focus on sustainability

While comfort is our priority, we wanted to design mattresses with sustainability in mind. Using our state-of-the-art Fullairtechnology, we’ve created a mattress material with over a 10-year life span that maintains its form and comfort.

Better yet, we’ve created one of the world’s first washable mattresses. Every Fullair layer can be washed and dried in just a few hours, making it last even longer convenient for you and better for the environment.

With the environment in mind, all of our packaging and every Fullair layer is 100% recyclable.

A better sleep. A lighter footprint.

Join us on the mission to give Kiwi’s an exceptional sleeping experience while looking after our environment for years to come.