Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a mattress last?

Most mattresses should last between 7 and 10 years. However, this is just a guideline for a general mattress lifespan. The actual timeframe for how long a mattress lasts will depend on the type of mattress and the quality of materials used.  

When you purchase a new mattress from Fullair, you can rest easy knowing Fullair has your back for the next ten years with a 10 year warranty.

When should you replace your old mattress?

Stop trying to get a few more years out of your old mattresses! You know it’s time to replace your mattress when you can see visible wear and tear, the mattress sags, and you are no longer getting proper support or a night of restful sleep.

If you are experiencing any of these things with your current mattress, it’s time for a new one!

Is the material of Fullair™ air fibre safe?

Fullair™ air fibre is completely safe. Fullair™ air fibre is made from a Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer extrusion process to form a 3D mesh structure. The material meets EU food-grade safety standard, EU RoHS standard and does not contain toxic or hazardous substances such as formaldehyde and heavy metals.

What is the difference between Fullair™ air fibre mattresses, latex mattresses and sponge mattresses?

Latex and memory foam mattresses are not washable, and the dense structure can be stuffy in the summer. The Fullair™ air fibre can be washed so it says clean and the unique 3D breathable design can disperse moisture and heat for a good night’s sleep even in summer.

Can the firmness be adjusted?

As with many modern mattresses with the Fullair Top Mattress, you can choose a mattress type that works best for you and your sleep position – soft, medium, or firm.

Will it feel cold in winter?

Absolutely not! The thermoplastic core is composed of 90% air that circulates freely to keep you comfortable and sleeping soundly, no matter the temperature.

Is the Fullair™ air fibre mattress suitable if I have allergies?

Yes, of course. Our high-quality materials are 100% non-toxic and gentle on skin. Additionally, Fullair™ air fibre creates a cleaner sleeping environment due to:

A loop structure that does not produce debris or dust. 

A breathable design that doesn’t contribute to the growth of bacteria and mites. 

The ability to wash your mattress regularly to eliminate allergens such as bacteria, bed bugs, skin cells and dust mites.

Is the Fullair™ air fibre mattress suitable for infants and young children?

Fullair™ mattresses are made of safe, durable materials, provide decent support, excellent breathability, and are washable, making them ideal for infants and young children.

Does the Fullair™ air fibre mattress smell?

Fullair™ mattresses are made of EU food-grade materials, so it does not have a smell of rubber or polyurethane. If the new product has a slight smell when it is opened, it can be eliminated by washing with water. 

What is the durability rating?

Fullair™ mattresses have been pressure tested to 80 kg’s, 80,000 times to ensure that the bed’s longevity meets national standards.

Can electric blankets be used with the Fullair™ air fibre mattress?

Yes! Fullair™ is an excellent quality mattress that can withstand high temperatures. Please follow operating instructions when using electric blankets.