Fullair Pillow


Ease of Movement

The Fullair airfiber does a wonderful job of keeping you sound asleep – all night, every night. Its unique structure is quick to respond to any changes in body position, supporting your weight effectively and keeping your spine straight.  

Designed To Breathe

The interwoven airfiber core encourages airflow, which naturally regulates body temperature throughout the night to keep you comfortable.

Easy to Clean

The average Pillows may have up to 1 million dust mites after being used only for a year. Imagine how bad it gets if you never wash your Pillows!

By creating a completely washable Pillow, we help you declare war on dust mites and mold. The 3D structure of the Fullair™ airfiber means the Pillow does not absorb water – simply wash it regularly, and then put it in a well-ventilated spot to have it dry quickly. That’s it!

Eco Friendly

Fullair pillow designed in New Zealand that’s both good for your health and for the environment.

A better sleep; a lighter footprint!

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