Fullair Cushion

Looking for comfortable cushions that support healthy posture? Your search is over. Discover the unique 3D thermoplastic TPPE weave of the Fullair cushion. 

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Optimal for long sitting hours

Optimal for long sitting hours

Exceptional comfort, superior support - ideal for long periods of sitting and/or working on a desk.

Sustainable Craftsmanship

Sustainable Craftsmanship

Take pride in choosing better. Each Fullair Cushion is made out of completely non-toxic, European food contact compliance materials that are 100% recyclable.

fullair cushion

Better comfort - anywhere you want

Office chair not performing? Living room chairs cutting off your circulation? Transform any surface into a comfy place to sit with the Fullair Cushion. It’s easy to carry around and easy to clean. Here’s a pro tip: keep a set of Fullair chair pads in your car for those long road trips!

What are Fullair Cushions made from?

fullair cushion cover

Breathable cover

Each Fullair cover is soft to the touch and non-irritating, with fabric patterns that allow air to pass freely through the cushion, eliminating moisture build-up.

fullair cushion metarial

A thermoplastic Fullair layer

The Fullair layer is like nothing you’ve ever tried before – it’s light and airy, keeping you cool while offering premium support. Our cushions are made from non-toxic materials that meet EU food safety standards.

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Entire washable

Wash both the inside and outer layers regularly to maximise the longevity of your Fullair cushion. Fully dry before use. Due to the high breathability of the Fullair material, moisture, bacteria, and mould won’t be able to accumulate.

Why is Fullair so special?

Our dream is to make the best cushion for NZ conditions, where allergy rates are among the highest in the world. While our idea is simple, our sustainable technology is anything but.

Bigger Comfort During Hours of Extended Sitting

At Fullair, we know the toll that extended sitting can take on the body. That’s why we have worked to create and refine our patented 3D woven TPPE material that adjusts to match the shapes of your body and keeps you well supported.

fullair cushion-Bigger Comfort

Stay cool even during warmer months

There’s nothing worse than, well… sweat stains once you get up. As the name suggests, Fullair is Full Of Air - up to 90% of it, actually, a feature that keeps you cool even during warmer months.

Washable – both inside and out!

After a year, your average cushion can have up to 1 million dust mites in it! If left unchecked, this can quickly cause allergic reactions. With the Fullair cushion, you can simply unzip and clean both the cover and inside layer whenever needed - which makes them great for kids too.



Fullair cushions are made using a Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer extrusion process that forms a 3D mesh structure. All our cushions are high quality, RoHS compliant, and free of toxic substances like metals or formaldehyde.


Foams: SGS

Measurements & Dimensions

Fullair Cushion F43 Brown
- Length: 43cm
- Width: 43cm
- Height: 4cm

Fullair Cushion F40 Green
- Length: 40cm
- Width: 40cm
- Height: 4cm

Care instruction

Fullair cushions are washable inside and out for optimum durability. Ensure the pillow is completely dry before reassembling.


Fullair puts customers first. Shop with confidence with a 10 year limited warranty on all our cushions.

Shipping Information

Dispatched within 1 business day.
Expected delivery: 1 - 8 business days.

Shipping Costs

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