Fullair Cushion

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Improve posture and eliminate back pain with the Fullair cushion. Washable. Sustainable product. FREE delivery in NZ!

Optimal for long sitting hours

Exceptional comfort, superior support - ideal for long periods of sitting and/or working on a desk.

Sustainable Craftsmanship

Take pride in choosing better. Each Fullair Cushion is made out of completely non-toxic, European food contact compliance materials that are 100% recyclable.

Free delivery included!

Free delivery all over New Zealand! Just order your Cushion now and let us take care of the rest!

Available in Three colors

The Fullair Cushion is available in three colors, suitable to match the interior of any home!

Be comfortable during hours of extended sitting

Eliminate back pain caused by poor sitting posture. The Fullair Cushion is soft yet firm, keeping your body in the ideal upright sitting position.

Washable – both inside and out!*

Simply unzip the Fullair Cushion, and wash both cover and inside layer* whenever needed.*The Fullair layer

90% full of air* to keep you cool

There’s nothing worse than, well… sweat stains once you get up. Made out of the same innovative Fullair material that’s 90% full of air*, the Fullair cushion keeps you cool and comfortable, even during the summer.

Better comfort - anywhere you want

Office chairs aren’t exactly the best match? Transform any sitting surface with the Fullair Cushion - easy to carry around, easy to keep clean! Pro tip: use it in the car if driving long hours!

What is the Fullair Cushion made out of?

Breathable fabric

By allowing maximum airflow, the Fullair cushion keeps you cool and comfortable – even during hours of extended sitting.

One-of-a-kind Fullair layer

Premium support throughout the whole day. Fully breathable. Made out of non-toxic materials, following EU food safety standards.

Different colours, same great comfort. Available in three different colours.

Premium support throughout the whole day. Fully breathable. Made out of non-toxic materials, following EU food safety standards.

Make it last longer

A sustainable product that’s suitable to be used (and reused) for many years to come. As long as cared for and stored properly. The Fullair Pillow is safe to be reused as a hand-me-down. Wash both inside and out* whenever needed to maximize the longevity of the Fullair Pillow. Fully dry before assembling. No turning, flipping or airing necessary – due to its high breathability, the Fullair material doesn’t allow for any moisture, bacteria and/or mold build-up.

Free delivery included!

We ship all over New Zealand for free

Still can’t decide?

Refer to our FAQ page, get in touch with us or visit us at Sylvia Park and our sales staff will help you find the best fit for you!


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