How do I Select the Right Level of Firmness when Purchasing a Mattress?

How do I Select the Right Level of Firmness when Purchasing a Mattress?

There are a lot of things to consider when you are buying a new mattress in NZ.

Then How do I Select the Right Level of Firmness when Purchasing a Mattress?

Let's discuss this topic today.


How will different mattresses affect your sleep?

If a mattress that is too hard or too soft will affect the health of the spine and the quality of sleep. 


A bed that is too hard will cause the muscles strain

If a mattress is too hard, the body only has a small supporting surface area, which is concentrated in the buttocks and shoulder blades, with the supporting force unevenly distributed throughout the body.

The waist should be elevated, which will not only protect the spine but also relax the muscles. Without this, you will feel soreness in the morning, and in the long run it may also cause muscle strain. 


A bed that is too soft may also cause the muscles unable to relax

Although it may feel more comfortable to have a softer bed, there are certain problems that come with sinking too far into a mattress. With a too soft mattress, the contact area between the body and the mattress increases, but it will cause the waist and buttocks to fall slightly in an unnatural position. Instead of bending naturally, the body is forced to bend, and the muscles are unable to relax, which easily causes soreness in the waist. 


What about a bed with moderate hardness? 

It is necessary for a mattress to be able to support and fit the area of the body completely. You might also need to consider some other factors,such as

Which type of firmness is suitable for you? How do you know if a mattress has moderate hardness?

Lie on your back on the mattress, and have another person's hand extends horizontally to the neck, waist and hip to thigh to see if there is any gap between the body and the mattress.
Turn over to one side, and see if there is a gap between the concave part of the body curve and the mattress in the same way. If there is no gap, it proves that the mattress fits closely with the natural curves of the neck, back, waist, buttocks and legs when people sleep. We often call this type of mattress "moderate hardness".

If you feel pain or stiffness in my body after sleeping, how do you choose the level of firmness meant for you? 

If you find you are experiencing certain discomfort in your body in the morning, such as waist pain, don't choose a softer mattress. Try a mattress that has good support and can buffer the pressure of the body. The mattress must fully support all parts of the body and keep it from collapsing over a long period of time.


The Fullair Premium Mattress provides exceptional cushioning to minimise pain and provide adjustable firmness and comfort.

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