6 Things You could Do to Improve Your Sleep

6 Things You could Do to Improve Your Sleep

What are 6 Things You could Do to Improve Your Sleep?


1. Sleep regularly, get up on time, go to bed on time. 

Regular work and rest are the most important for helping your sleep habits fixed, while improving the length and quality of sleep. Many people set an alarm clock to wake themselves up which is not good, trying to not set a sleep alarm clock, let the body system weak you up naturally which will be very helpful.


2.Temperature, keep the sleeping environment suit for your body, not too hot not too cold

In fact, Scientists proof that when people sleeping brain and body need to be lowered by about 1 degree Celsius to be able to enter the initial stage of sleep, and then truly fall asleep. This is why you always find it easier to fall asleep in a colder room than in a hotter room.

It is recommended to set the room temperature slightly above 18°C. It sounds a bit cold, but you will have a better sleep if you do so.

Also test the interface temperature between body and mattress with difference mterials in 20℃.

We see the fullair lower near 2℃ compare to the foam. it means fullair show much better cooling and breathair ability.


3. Dark environment

As we known only darkness can trigger the brain start to the release melatonin. Melatonin can help our sleep time become healthy and regular.

Try to stay away from electronic screens in the last hour before going to bed, and dim the lights at home down. You will be very pleasantly surprised to find that this dim environment will make you feel sleepy.


4. If you couldn’t sleep, get out of bed and walk around

If you can't sleep for a long time, don't stay in bed anymore. The scientist tells us that if takes more than 25 minutes from wake up to fall asleep, you need to get out of bed and walk around and find something else to do. After a while, the moment you feel tried, the second you to back to your bed. 


5. Keep away from alcohol and coffee before going to bed

Alcohol and coffee can stimulate nerves. To stay away from caffeine in the afternoon and evening especially people with insomnia, moreover avoid getting drunk before going to bed.


6. Cultivate some bedtime habits

Many people hope to fall asleep immediately after turning off the light. We think that sleep can happen instantly like a light switch. But unfortunately, for most people, sleeping is not the case.

Sleep as a physiological process is more like a plane landing. It takes a while for brain activity to gradually decrease to a solid foundation that is conducive to good sleep. 20 minutes or half an hour, or even an hour before going to bed, stay away from your computer and mobile phone and try to do something that relaxes you. Find out what really helps your sleep, and when you find it, stick to this habit.

If you find your are difficult to leave the electronic screen, you can first try to turn lower the room temperature, or change the mattress with high air permeability.


Looking for a new mattress? 

The Fullair premium Mattress provides exceptional cushioning to minimise pain and provide adjustable firmness and comfort. the Fullair layer on top of our mattress gently wraps around your body and keeps your spine in its natural position throughout the whole night, providing better body pressure dispersion, fewer pressure points, and less pain in the morning. 

Product name: Fullair air fiber mattress (adult version)
Inner core material: TPEE
Quilt material: Tencel
Material features: high air permeability, antibacterial (eg. coli, Staphylococcus aureus), washable, high elasticity and strong support


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