Would your pillows cause sore necks in the morning?

November 19, 2021

Would your pillows cause sore necks in the morning?

A good pillow will never cause sore necks in the morning.

Pillows have no effect on treating cervical spondylosis. While they are important for cervical health and the cervical vertebra. 

What kind of posture is best for healthy sleep?
How to choose the height and firmness of a pillow?
What kind of pillow can help the side sleeper support the cervical spine?


How to choose a suitable pillow? An ideal cervical pillow needs to meet the following standards: 

a. Strong Support

Effectively support the head and gently wrap the head.


b. Pillow Shape

Sleeping should fit the cervical curve, which can effectively support the back of the neck. 


c. Pillow height

Different heights of pillows suitable for different sleeping positions. Pay attention to choosing the pillow height that suits you. 

Lie on your back: the pillow is about one first high, 5-8cm.
Lying on the side: the pillow height for females should be around 7-12 cm, Male 11-14cm.

Alternate lying on your back: 8-10cm for women, the average man is 9-15cm.

Sleeping on one's back: refer to lying on one's side. 

Pillows that meet the above conditions include memory foam, latex pillows and TPEE air fibre pillows. 



The feather down pillow is not ideal. Although it is comfortable to sleep, it easily to collapse after sleeping on it for a long period of time, and therefore, has poor support, especially for people with bad cervical vertebrae. Their necks may hang when they sleep, and This long-term positioning will easily lead to the strain of tissues around the neck.  


If you have the following materials , it is recommended to change your pillow. 

- Memory cotton pillow has obvious decompression, which becomes stuffy in summer, and will affect sleep health. It is recommended your replace it. 

- Buckwheat in the buckwheat pillow core rubs against each other. If you are sensitive to sound and have difficulty falling asleep, it is recommended to replace with a silent pillow (memory cotton, latex) .

- The latex pillow can age and turn yellow, which lasts for a long time and affects sleep. 

Note:  When the room temperature is around 18.5 degrees celsius. It is easier to fall asleep. Fullair air fibre has unique bird's nest structure, which is highly breathable, and cool making it easier to fall asleep. 


Air Fibre Pillow Mattress

a. Fullair redefining the pillow

“Cooling” pillows only work for a few minutes before you wake up drenched in sweat. The Fullair* layer is 90% air – keeping you comfortable, no matter the temperature.


b. Suitable for Belly Sleeper

Are you waking up with a stiff neck? That’s a clear sign your pillow isn’t providing the comfort you need. Fullair pillows are firm enough to support your neck all night long.


c. Washable – both inside and out

The average pillow can have up to 1 million dust mites after a year of use. We’ve avoided this problem by making both layers of the Fullair pillow entirely washable.


Wash both layers whenever needed to maximise the longevity of your Fullair pillow, and ensure the cover and inner are both dry before using them again.

No turning, flipping, or airing necessary – due to its high breathability, the Fullair material doesn’t allow moisture, bacteria, or mould to develop.


Talk to us today to find out more about our products and how they can help you. 


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