How To Choose Mattress For Lumbar Disc Pain?

How To Choose Mattress For Lumbar Disc Pain?

Hey mate, here is the tips for you to choose the right mattress to protect the lumbar spine. 

Is the mattress too hard or too soft, and is the mattress suitable for you? 
Can it support the body curve


Choose the mattress hardness according to your sleeping position.

Lying on one side: 80N-180N (soft) 
Lying on back: 130N-280N (medium) 
Lying on the tummy: 140N-250N (firm) 


If the lumbar disc is prominent, you can choose a mattress that is harder for support.

If you enjoy sleeping on your side, you can choose medium level firmness. Those who like a softer bed can choose from the soft range. 


Is it OK to sleep on a hard bed? 

People with a lumbar disc herniation should sleep on a hard bed. The hardness of the hard bed is about 280N, which is equivalent to the hardness of an ordinary desktop. For the average person this will definitely be uncomfortable for sleeping, but will the sleep quality be lost for the lumbar disc herniation? 


What kind of bed should I sleep when my lumbar disc protrudes? Let's look at the hardness of mattresses on the market. 

Spring mattress: 80N-160N; 
Emulsion mattress: 100N-160N;
Palm mattress: 150N-250N;
Air fibre mattress: 120 N-220 N; 

For people who want to sleep on a harder bed, the hardness of about 200N can not only protect the lumbar disc, but also support the human body curve. 

Therefore, people with lumbar disc herniation can choose from Palm Mattresses and Air Fibre Mattresses.  


Palm mattress

Made of natural palm, breathable and dry; However, due to the material's own properties, it needs to be bonded with glue, so there must be formaldehyde residue, and palm easily grows mould and grow insects, so attention should be paid when purchasing. 


Air fibre mattress

A new bedding material in recent years, the earliest technology comes from Toyobo, Japan. This material is 90% breathable, permeable and highly elastic. After years of research and development, Fullair, New Zealand has developed a new material TPEE. The mattresses made of this material has moderate hardness, which can protect the lumbar disc and ensure comfortable sleep.

The Fullair Mattress provides exceptional cushioning to minimise pain and provide adjustable firmness and comfort.

Talk to us today to find out more about our products and how they can help you. 


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