Movement isolation? Hot sleeper? How to Choose Mattresses of Various Materials?

Movement isolation? Hot sleeper? How to Choose Mattresses of Various Materials?

Movement isolation? Hot sleeper? Let's choose together. 


1. Spring Mattress 

Spring mattress has been the mainstream mattress in the market for the past couples decades, with springs in the middle and sponge cushions on the top and bottom. They are of moderate hardness, are breathable and comfortable. According to different quality grades of materials, springs of spring mattresses are generally divided into two types: connected springs and independent bagged springs. 


A. Connecting spring 

Generally, most of the cheap mattresses are traditional connecting springs, which have poor anti-interference ability. When someone shifts on the mattress, it causes the whole bed to move and can be felt by everyone. The connecting springs have good elasticity and strong support. However, they make it hard to fall asleep due to the movement of the bed during the night. 


B. Independent bag spring system

Another popular mattress in the market is the independent bagged spring system, which can better fit the curve of human body and has better anti-interference ability. However, they make it hard to fall asleep due to the movement of the bed during the night. 


2. Latex Mattress 

Latex mattresses are divided into synthetic latex and natural latex. Synthetic latex is derived from petroleum, which has insufficient elasticity and breathability, so it is not as comfortable and breathable as natural latex. Latex mattress is also been a popular choice of mattress in the past two years. But because latex ages quickly and has low durability, there are no mattresses with 100% latex. 

The content in a good natural latex pad is about 80-95%, because latex can only be foamed and moulded with additives materials. Latex mattresses have high elasticity, so they have strong support for the body. The material feels soft, but the air permeability of a latex mattress is average. 

Even if there are holes inside, the holes are compressed after sleeping on it for a long period of time. The air permeability of the material itself is poor so it cannot effectively eradicate heat. However, about 8% of population are allergic to latex so make sure you are not allergic before buying a latex mattress. 



3. Palm Mattress

Palm mats are either made of Mountain palm or Coconut palm. Because palm is hard as a whole, it can be recommended to sedentary office workers and middle-aged and elderly people who love sleeping on a harder bed. Office worker often sit for long hours and work overtime, which can easily lead to body pain and often cause backache. 

Mountain palm refers to the sheath fibre of palm born in mountainous area, which has strong  water resistance and corrosion resistance, excellent elasticity and toughness. However, coconut pal, has poor elasticity and toughness, and usually uses composite glue as adhesive, which is bad for the environment. At present, many low-priced palm mats are topped with grass in palm silk, which will cause mildew and insects over time. 


4. Memory Foam Mattress  

The best characteristics of memory foam are softness, fitting the perfectly to curve of human body, slow rebound, temperature sensitivity, air permeability, antibacterial and mite resistant. After so many years of development, the technology is relatively advanced. And at present, memory cotton should be regarded as a relatively high-end product in foam mattresses. This mattress can absorb the pressure of the human body, accurately shapes to the body contour, and works with the changing of temperatures of the human body. It is also gives effective support to the body at the same time.

It has been proven by doctors that it can effectively relieve the pain of bones and muscles, assist in the treatment of cervical and lumbar problems. It can also reduce insomnia and snoring and turning over, prolonging deep sleep time and improving sleep quality. 

However, in addition to temperature sensing, memory cotton mattresses also sore heat. Therefore, in an environment where the temperature continues to rise in summer, if there is no air conditioning installed indoors, it is best to temporarily stop using memory cotton mattresses. Older memory mattress will also harden when the temperature drops.


5. Air Fibre /  3D Air Weave

The newest bedding material developed in recent years comes from TOYOBO, Japan. This material is 90% breathable, permeable and highly elastic. After years of research and development, Fullair,  New Zealand has developed a new material TPEE. The mattress made of this material has moderate hardness, which can protect the lumbar disc and ensure movement isolation so as to maintain comfortable sleep. 

Fullair, the technology of air fibre and 3D, has moderate hardness which can protect the lumbar disc and ensure movement isolation so as to maintain comfortable sleep.

Also it is the good news for a sweater. Test the interface temperature between body and mattress with difference mterials in 20

We see the fullair lower near 2℃ compare to the foam. it means fullair show much better cooling and breathair ability.

The Fullair Hybrid 2.0 Mattress provides exceptional cushioning to minimise pain and provide adjustable firmness and comfort.

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