How to Choose a Mattress for Your Baby?

How to Choose a Mattress for Your Baby?

How Important is the Cot Mattress for Your Baby?

In the process of infant development, using a mattress that is too soft early on is not conducive to the development of child's spine. At the same time, it is recommended not to use a sponge pad with a thickness of 50mm to 100mm.

Otherwise, children's sweat and urine will accumulate in the sponge pad and cannot volatilize, which will lead to children's rash and eczema Therefore, a mattress suitable for your baby must include the following characteristics: 


1. Slightly higher hardness, supporting the spine

A mattress that is too soft is comfortable to sleep on but easy to sink into making it difficult for the baby to turn over. When a baby is just born, the spine is developing, and the harder mattress can help the baby's spine develop properly. 


2. Washable

New-born babies sleep more than fourteen hours a day. Because the baby's temperature regulation is poor, the heat generated by itself can easily discharge a large amount of sweat. In addition, the stains generated by wetting the bed and spitting milk accumulate in the inner core of the bed. This is easy to breed bacteria, pollutes the sleeping environment, and easily cause eczema and allergy. A suitable baby mattress, the inner core should be washable.


3. Breathing

When the newborn will just turn over, parents should always pay attention due to sleep the risk of suffocate. Reducing toys on the bed and choosing breathable quilts can avoid danger, but choosing a mattress with high permeability may be the most effective way. 


4. Antibacterial and Mite free

Many mothers think that anti-bacterial and anti-mite is a gimmick, mites are actually everywhere. However, under the control experiment, sponge mattresses are more likely to breed bacteria than latex, palm and air fiber mattresses, and cannot be washed. Because of its unique bird's nest-like physical structure, Air fibre can't condense moisture in its inner core, which is equivalent to a Petri dish without mites and bacteria. And the 3D air fiber can be washed with water, providing a safer sleeping environment for children Fullair has passed the global quality inspection of SGS in Switzerland, and its antibacterial property is as high as 99% (Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus).


5. Non-Toxic and Formaldehyde-free

The material of the mattress should be free from toxins and formaldehyde for the babies safety while sleeping. Air-fibre mattresses are tightly recommended for children and new-born babies. It is made of non-toxic materials and meets the EU food-grade standards. It is free of hazardous chemicals and completely safe for children. 


Why Choose the Baby Premium Mattress

Overly-soft cot mattresses can pose a health hazard. Fullair Baby Premium Mattress is firm enough to provide maximum comfort for your baby.


a. Completely Breathable

The unique three-dimensional fiber structure of Fullair makes the air permeability of the mattress as high as 90%. The breathability of Fullair cost mattresses makes them safe and suitable for baby sleep on stomach and mouth-breathing tendencies.


b. Adjustable Firmness & Entirely Washable Inside and Out

Our premium baby cot mattress is composed of two Fullair layer. Two sides with two firmness level, 60D and 65D which are friendly to baby's spine. What's more, the cot mattress is entirely washable inside and out. Say goodbye to any accidents.


c. Hypoallergenic

The three-dimensional fiber structure prevents Fullair baby cot mattresses from retaining water vapour, inhibits mites and bacteria growth, and helps control sweating at night.

Talk to us today to find out more about our products and how they can help you. 


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