What Kind of Bed base Do I Need? - A Bed Explanation.

What Kind of Bed base Do I Need? - A Bed Explanation.

What kind of bed base is best used with a mattress?

About how to choose mattresses, we must have seen many suggestions. While I bought my own carefully selected mattress home, and after sleeping for half a year, I found out how this expensive mattress became yellow and even musty.

In fact, this problem has nothing to do with mattresses, but there is a problem in the selection of bed bases. Buying a mattress, and even if you put it on the ground, you can enjoy the soft support brought by the upper layer. Therefore, many friends feel that as long as the mattress is selected, sleep can be guaranteed.

But in fact, a weak bed base will constantly make noise; an airtight bed shelf is also the main reason why the mattress is damp and moldy. Choose bed base has the following points to pay attention to: 


Will bed base affect the use of mattresses?   Such as breathability? 


1. The bed base is hollowed out 

Nowadays, there are many floor beds similar to tatami,or have a storage cabinet similar to tatami, on which a mattress placed on top. this is suitable for storage and sleeping, and there is even a minimalist MUJI style similar to Japanese style. The moisture produced from sleeping is absorbed by the mattress. 

The moisture exhausted from sleeping is absorbed by the mattress. If the mattress is facing a totally enclosed bed base, the effect of exhausting moisture will be greatly reduced. This kind of bed can only be used in dry cities. In addition, the first point of choosing the bed shelf is that there are hollows in the bottom board. 

2. Convenient replacement 


I have seen it many times in the bed market. Some bed bases are designed with boarder railings on all sides in order to prevent the mattress from moving around. In this way, it seems that the mattress is slotted inside the base and looks neat. But in fact, bearing mattress is difficult to lift, and you must squeeze your hands into the gap before you can lift it. When changing sheets are tucked in.Therefore, if you want to spend less time in your as possible, and the sheets can be replaced with higher efficiency. If you are worried about the mattress shifting, you can choose a base with a railing at the end of the bed. 

3. Fruiting is the most important thing 

Row skeleton is the most common form of bed board. The bed base with this structure is well ventilated and can bear load. The material of bed base is very important. the material of solid wood is generally pine and Chinese fir wood, which is soft and has a stronger effect in dehumidification and perspiration, but because of the soft texture, the density of ribs is higher. 


Except the base, you need a good mattress for you sleep. The Fullair Hybrid Mattress provides exceptional cushioning to minimise pain and provide comfortable sleeping.

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